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Positive Attitude will Never Ever let you down!

I heartily welcome you all again at MakeMeNoise! I am writing on MakeMeNoise after 4 months. There were many reasons that worked as stopper in my blogging journey. I was almost broken and I had no other choice for that. This is my very first blog and I sacrificed everything for this to make reputation

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Why Mostly Bloggers Don’t Succeed in Blogging

Today blogging has become the end thing and every one want to go into blogging after hearing about how many their friends, relations or some internet guru makes monthly. Today there are millions of blogs exists online, in fact thousands are launched every day but the truth is that it is a very small number of such bloggers

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Sony Xperia Tablet Z – Specifications, Features and Release Date

Sony Xperia Tablet Z is now ready for big buzz in tablet technology, after buzzing louder in smartphone technology with Sony Xperia series smartphones. In May 2013, Sony Xperia Tablet Z will be launched in India with target to break record of Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S3; simultaneously, Samsung is also planning to launch its most awaited smartphone, which is Samsung

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Micromax A116 CanvasHD – Specifications & Features

First time I’ve seen in India that an Indian smartphone manufacturing company going up and broken all the records of Samsung. Yes, It’s Micromax- India’s leading Smartphone Company broken record of Samsung Galaxy Grand and Samsung Galaxy Note 2. On every single minute, 25 pieces of Micromax A116 CanvasHD sold out from the store and the most

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Important Gmail Shortcuts to Work Faster in Webmail: Part – 3

Till now we have discussed 38 Gmail Shortcuts to work faster in Gmail and I am very glad that you people are taking use of those Gmail Shortcuts in your daily professional life and enhancing your business deal with your clients.Today we are going to discuss third part of Important Gmail Shortcuts to work faster in webmail.

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5 Superfire ways to make Google Chrome Faster

We are very much familiar with most popular Internet Browser i.e., Google Chrome. Google Chrome is the fastest and most popular internet browser that holds first position in web browser uses. Google Chrome can be used in all kind of devices like Computer, Smartphone, Tablet, etc. Let’s know more about Google Chrome then we’ll discuss extraordinary

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How to Use NoFollow Tags in WordPress Blog Post?

SEO is all about building links or making link juice for your blog or website. Sometimes we also give links to other sites, like linking to authority sites, affiliate links, sponsored links, advertiser’s link, etc. Loosing link juice by giving links to unwanted sites will increase spam on search results, also it decreases our PageRank

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Important Gmail Shortcuts to Work Faster in Web mail: Part – 2

Earlier we have discussed some facts about Gmail and 16 Gmail Shortcuts that we use to work faster in Gmail. Today we’ll discuss second part regarding Gmail Shortcuts. Today mostly people are using Gmail for establishing communication among their Family, Friends, Clients and Colleagues because Gmail is Faster, Reliable and lashed with more advanced features like Video Calling,

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[How to] Protect Google AdSense Account from Invalid Clicks?

Yesterday, when I opened my Facebook account – I was totally amazed. You know, why? Everyone was updating their status regarding their baby. Age of the baby may vary. Few people shared that his/her baby had gone, few shared that his/her baby is no more. Very Sad! Few people updated, his/ her baby is in

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HTC One – Specifications & Features

Oh My God! Is it Digital Revolution throughout the World? I am very much surprised; Sony is going to launch Sony Xperia Tablet Z, Samsung launched Samsung Galaxy S4, Micromax launched Micromax A116 CanvasHD and now HTC. I am really wondering, even I am more excited to get my one hand with HTC One.On Tuesday, HTC Design Director Jonah

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